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ORION’s Gemini Class of rigs is manufactured for the emerging horizontal shale plays in the United States. Some of the advancements on this new generation of rigs include multi-axis walking systems, a/c electronics, pipe handling systems, and more.

Drilling performance and technology is not the only benefit of our new Gemini rigs. As we developed the Gemini, our number one goal was to decrease mobilization complications. Contact a sales rep today to find out more about the weight and height of our rig during mobilization.

For more information on the Gemini Class, contact the ORION Marketing Department at 361-299-9800.



  • Compact modular design
  • Designed to move in challenging road conditions
  • One load >13’-3’’, no loads >14’
  • No cranes needed


  • Can lift 2.4 million pounds and move safely and smoothly at approximately 100 feet per hour
  • Can move rig with a full setback 360 degrees in any direction
  • Fully Integrated PLC and radio remote
  • Can walk over existing well heads


  • Canrig Topdrive
  • Rockit System Capable
  • Transports in lower section of mast during mobilization


  • Replaces manual tong handling
  • Reduces physical exposure to the rig crew
  • Gripthane Rollers reduce damage to tubulars


  • New – mast raising equalization system
  • Provides safe steady and equalized distribution of fluids
  • Self Contained module continuously meters flow to the lift cylinders


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