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ORION holds API 4F, ISO 9001:2015, and API Q1 certifications.  These certifications allow ORION to build drilling structures and hoisting equipment at our construction facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Our Manufacturing and Fabrication Facility is on 8 acres of land; has over 23,000 square feet of sheltered shop; and climate controlled office space.  The building is equipped with all of the necessary tools capable of manufacturing API monogrammed masts, substructures, and crowns.


Since we build our rigs in-house, we are not limited to using all of a rig manufacturer’s components. Our API 4F license allows us to pick the components with the best track record to secure optimal performance for our customers. This gives our customers the ability to customize their rigs on a new build with ORION. We’re one of only two contractors in the United States with this license.


API/ISO Certifications