Orion builds lean-design rig with streamlined power delivery system - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Jun 30, 2015

Lightweight materials, components selected to keep rig moves fast and efficient in pad drilling applications

Orion Drilling Company completed its newest rig, the Aries, in May. The 1,500-hp AC rig, the ninth in Orion’s Gemini series of onshore rigs and the company’s 18th rig overall, is now working a long-term contract in Pennsylvania. Eight of Orion’s rigs, including the Aries, have been fabricated and assembled at its facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. The yard holds an API 4F Certification along with API 7K, Q1, and ASME certifications. “We have found great value in being able to control the construction process in house, from the procurement of raw materials to fabrication and assembly of the drilling structure. This has also allowed us to source best-in-class rig components with an emphasis on reducing exposure of personnel to hazardous conditions,” Brett Schellenberg, Orion Marketing Executive, said.

With the goal of building a leaner and more ergonomic rig, the Orion construction team took special care to consider how the rig will move once it is on the truck. “Everything we’ve done is to shorten, narrow and reduce weight through the entire rig,” Mr Schellenberg said. Orion believes this provides an advantage when moving the rig in challenging road conditions commonly seen in the Appalachia region.

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