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Walking Systems


  • Pin-on, multi-directional walking system with a 750,000 pound rotary load and a 500,000 pound setback load
  • Can lift 1.6 million pounds, moving safely and smoothly at approximately 100 feet/hour
  • Can move a rig with a full setback 360 degrees in any direction
  • Fully integrated PLC and radio remote


High Pressure Pumps

Most of our rigs are equipped with 7500 psi pumps. Some rigs have been upgraded with 3 working pumps. Please see our rig inventory for specific pump requirements, capacities and availability.


Dual Fuel

Our rigs utilize Caterpillar Dynamic Gas Blending kits, which enables diesel engines to burn natural gas while maintaining that optimum level of diesel engine performance.

We know that our customers require powerful and reliable engines. Because these engines can run on diesel or a combination of diesel and gas, the amount of available diesel does not affect the performance of the engine. As natural gas is inserted into the engine, the amount of diesel being consumed is reduced. This system lowers fuel costs up to 70%.


Apollo Substructure

Details & Efficiencies
The Apollo substructure was built at our in-house facility in Corpus Christi, Texas and was designed to improve the efficiency of developmental pad drilling. This substructure is built to be taller and wider than most conventional subs, giving it the ability to cover multiple wells at a time. In most cases, returning to an existing well to perform operations can be a difficult and risky task that puts a halt on drilling time. The Apollo substructure saves time and money because it allows for control over both existing and in-progress wells without interruption to drilling.

  • Walks over rows of existing wells
  • 18’4” from the rotary beam to the ground
  • Has walking system with fully integrated PLC and radio remote