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The Reel Rig System

Through advanced engineering and design, we’ve developed a power distribution system that eliminates the electrical limitation of walking a rig. The Reel Rig system is an innovation that redefines the future of walking a rig from well to well during the process of pad drilling.


The Reel Rig system is a new kind of power distribution system that uses a 4160v cable to transfer power from the Drive House to the rig floor, rather than a traditional festoon system. In most cases, these festoon systems can involve more than 30 cables and more than 90 connection points. The Reel Rig system uses only 3 cables and only 6 connection points, reducing the cable count by 96%.


  • Reduces the cable count by 96%
  • Reduces the weight of the rig by more than 15,000 pounds
  • Increased mobility for rigs that need to walk from well to well on a pad by the use of cable spooling
  • Reduces downtime on a rig
  • Increases savings on time & cost
  • Reduces chances of operational failure due to connection points on the plug ends of cables


Promptt Preventative Maintenance

This advancement in technology tracks trends in equipment performance so employees can report any conspicuous trends to their rig managers. This gives us the ability to prevent equipment failure by catching faults in equipment maintenance trends before they become a bigger problem.


Promptt is our user-level preventative maintenance system that is used to track assets, manage operations, reduce downtime, and stay up-to-date with equipment maintenance on
a rig.

Promptt uses RFID and tablet technology and can be managed from both the rig site and our offices.


Increased savings on maintenance costs

Decreased downtime and operational failures

Asset tracking from rig sites and our offices

Condition monitoring