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The Infinity Program

Infinity is our never-ending commitment to Health, Safety and Environment while supporting ORION’s journey to an incident and injury-free workplace. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Infinity HSE commitment

Infinity Toolbox

J.S.A (risk assessment tool)
As an organized process for developing solutions, verbal or written, employees use this method for reviewing or studying a job to identify hazards and potential incidents.
TIME-OUT (stop-work tool)
All employees are authorized and obligated to STOP the JOB. It’s initiated by saying “TIME OUT” while using the time-out hand signal.
Hazard Hunts (preventative tool)
This tool is used per shift to identify potential areas of concern on the job site. Hazard Hunts consist of documenting hazards, identifying the solution to mitigate the hazard, and determining the status if mitigation is not complete.
Permit to Work (job authorization tool)
Permit to Work defines the duties and documentation required for hazardous work (i.e., Confined Space, LO/TO, and Hot Work).
Star Conversation (behavioral observation tool)
See/Talk/Agree/Record: An observation takes place, a conversation immediately follows, and an agreement is made. A STAR Conversation Card is used to record the observation.

Wellness Program

ORION is committed to the safety of its employees both in the workplace and at home. As part of this commitment, employees are given the opportunity to participate in the Wellness Program. ORION’s Wellness Program is in place to educate on health, safety, environmental, and financial topics as well as encourage employees to maintain the healthiest, safest, and most financially resourceful lifestyle possible.