Gemini A Success - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Oct 13, 2011

Three years ago, the team at Orion Drilling were presented the ultimate challenge – design, engineer and manufacture one of the most mobile and technologically advanced drilling rigs in the industry. September of this year, that challenge became a reality. The Gemini Rig by Orion drilled its first well of 13,000′ MD in only 13 days. Remarkable success for this groundbreaking design.

Drilling performance is not the only benefit of our new Gemini rigs. As we developed the design for the Gemini, our number one goal was to decrease mobilization complications. The Gemini rig has 28 primary loads, does not require cranes and there are no loads over 100,000 lbs or over 13′-8″ high.

In January, Orion will begin operations in the Marcellus Basin in Pennsylvania for Williams Exploration & Production. We look forward to testing the mobility skills of three of our new Gemini Class rigs on the challenging Pennsylvania terrain. Five additional rigs are in production and we are currently pursuing opportunities to build new rigs in the Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford and Permian Basins.

For more information on the Gemini 550, contact the Orion Marketing Department at 361-299-9800.