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Continually improving our policies, products, and personnel.
At ORION, we invest in top-tier training, state-of-the-art equipment, well-qualified managers, and highly skilled drillers.

We know there’s more than one way to drill a well, but we believe that ours is the best. It’s simply our people and unique way of thinking that makes it all come together to better serve our clients and employees.

At Orion, we put a lot of hard work into maintaining the qualifications that we have achieved, and it is a personal guarantee to our clients that the rigs have been built to the highest standard of quality.

Here’s a little more about what “quality” means to us.


Quality Objectives

Our Customer
Meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, punctual delivery and service.
Our Product
Produce top quality products of superior design and workmanship.
Our Team
Maintain motivated, ethical, long-term employees who are skilled, trained, and dedicated to quality and excellence in workmanship.
Our Workplace
Provide a professional work environment that is properly equipped and maintained in a safe and orderly manner.
Our Commitment
We strive for excellence and will continually review and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Quality Policy

The policy of Orion Drilling Company is to provide our customer with steel structures for drilling and well-servicing operations that meet or exceed customer and recognized standards and requirements.

We accomplish this by following our procedures and establishing objectives that recognize customer satisfaction as the primary goal and through continual review and improvement to the effectiveness of our quality management system