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All applicants must apply through our online application service. For more information contact the Main Office only.

Main Office:

phone: 361-299-9800
fax: 361-299-1388
674 Flato Road
Corpus Christi, Texas 78405

Pennsylvania Office:

phone: 814-328-2134
601 Aviation Way
Reynoldsville, PA 15851

Odessa Office:

7900 Groening Street
Odessa, Texas 79765

Rig Sales Contact:

Greg Doramus
office: 361-654-7326
fax: 361-299-1388
cell: 361-947-3001
home: 361-547-5750

Rig Sales Contact:

Brett Schellenberg
office: 432-231-4363
fax: 432-231-4370
cell: 832-492-1487

Rig Sales Contact:

Chuck Daniels
office: 713-504-0428
fax: 361-299-1388

Rig Sales Contact:

Roger Lays
office: 903-381-4322
fax: 814-328-2696
cell: 814-715-1888

Trucking & Transportation:

Brian Squires
office: 361-654-7315
fax: 361-299-1388

Fabrication & Inspection:

Bo Creek
office: 361-299-9800 x 126
fax: 361-299-1388

Advertising & Communications:

Sarah Hedrick
office: 361-654-7324
fax: 361-654-7342

Engineering & Construction:

David Gibson
office: 361-654-9800 x 151
fax: 361-299-1388

Safety Contact:

Tyron Johnson
office: 432-288-4147
cell: 432-231-4366

Employee Relations:

Melissa QuiƱones
office: 361-654-7305
fax: 361-299-1388

Accounting Contact:

Marta Gaddis
office: 361-654-7308
fax: 361-299-1388

Information & Technology:

Douglas Wells
office: 361-654-7311
fax: 361-299-1388

Wellness Contact:

Michelle Schellenberg
office: 432-231-4364
fax: 432-231-4370

Maintenance Contact:

Kevin McLeod
office: 361-654-7325
fax: 361-299-1388

Open door policy

Orion Drilling Company is committed to creating the best work environment possible. Openness is essential to quickly resolve the concerns of our employees. If you have a question or wish to discuss a possible violation you should first discuss it with your supervisors. If you are not comfortable with that approach for any reason, or if no action is taken please contact us by email or 855-559-5050.